The Power of Medicinal Herbs Series “Licorice Root”

The Power of Medicinal Herbs Series “Licorice Root” Licorice Root Licorice root can be found in varied forms, such as liquid extract, capsules of dried herb, candies and herbal teas. This specific herb has been in use for thousands of years for curing different types of disorders. The herb might have some herbal medicine properties, but scientific studies only support […]

Herbal Syllabus Series “Burdock Root”

  Herbal Syllabus Series “Burdock Root”       Herb Name : Burdock Root Latin Name: Arctium Lappa Burdock root originates from burdock, a class of weeds that are identified with sunflowers and part of the daisy family. It is accessible as a tea in different tinctures, with producers promising an extensive variety of advantages. Various examinations have recorded its capability […]