Here at Nick’s Apothecary we provide our customers with very unique products/services; These products are made with the utmost knowledge and sincerity unlike commercial grade products that  are mass produced. We focus on quality products/services that have produced successful results in the past. WE will not use cheap quality/China based ingredients but only the finest certified organic ingredients that seamlessly work with our ancient and traditional process’. Our supplements are hand made and our tinctures/extracts  are cold infused there is no heat, fillers or flowing agents in any  of our products ONLY PURE INGREDIENTS. A short list of the Products/Services we provide are…


Custom Formulas:

Custom formulations of multiple herbs or essential oils; diluted to proper strength)
Herbal Tinctures Single,Multiple and or Custom herbal formulations. Our Herbal Tinctures are Cold infused tinctures over time Like a fine wine.
Essential Oils

Pure Supplements:

These are powerful Hand made supplements with Single, Combination, Custom herbal formulations or with Ayurvedic herbs with organic. herbs and NO fillers or additives.

Home Remedies:

Ancient but Powerful Custom home remedies by essential oils, infused oils, acid Tonics, Tonics. and Elixires

Herbal Tonics:

Organic herbal infused single or combination tonics

Herbal Elixires:

A custom made and Very Potent tonic Made by hand with Single or multiple herb combination for short term use primarily made with a high quality grain alcohol:

Herbal Syrups:
Herbal syrup are made with with a herbal concoction and Raw honey and or Glycerine with single or multiple herbs for more chronic and specific aliments.

Herbal Salves:

are made of a high quality infused oil with medicinal herbs single, multiple essential oil(s) or by Custom formulation(s) with bees wax an d Vitamin E and Jojoba. oils. blend


These are Custom formulas to roll on skin topically for specific problems

Tooth Gels

Made with all natural ingredient. Essential oils and a Pure high quality vegetable Palm Glycerine to help inhibit plaque growth, Bacterias, with rejuvenating the gums on a daily basis with Pure Myrrh oil And is abrasive free, diabetic Safe and a powerful aid for sensitive teeth and cavities and root canal pain.


Pure Bee Products:

Made with the finest natural ingredient supplied  by our domestic Bee Keepers. Raw Honey’s, Raw Propolis, Royal Jelly,  Bees wax and our famous Bee Plus formulary. This extract provides the purest form of B-COMPLEX, and Energy properly balanced while maintaining a healthy immune system while supplying all your main systems with nutritional supplementation as it is also known to be a “SUPERFOOD” We make this in small batches and by a cold infusion method.


Other Products/Services:

DIABETIC Formulas:
Foot Formulas
Bee Products
Our Famous Bee Plus Formula
Bees Wax
Bee Propolis
Royal Jelly
Raw Wildflower Honey

Family Kits