Nick Apothecary News & Updates

12.19.21 We are now beginning to grow our own medicinal herbs through our new hydroponics system. The rest of the system is on its way and we will be starting the growth process with medicinal herbs such as:

  • Lemon Balm,

  • Mint(entire  family),

  • mugwort,

  • nettles,

  • cayenne,

  • echinacea,

  • wild dandelion,

  • strawberry,

  • elderberry,

  • plantain,

  • vervain,

  • horehound,

  • mullein,

  • valerine,

  • lavender,

  •  chamomile,  as well as Ayurveda Medicinal Herbs like moringa. to list a few. 

11.23,21: WE  are now accepting Bitcoin(BTC) for payment. WE also are accepting Scottsdale  Gold Bars in 1/100th pure troy oz.

11.19.21:  A newly  infused batch is now available:

10.28.21 A newly pressed batch of Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother!

10.28.21 A new batch of  tooth Gels just made:

10.22.21: The following tinctures are now already a week in progress…

  1.  Slippery elm bark

  2. Cayenne 

  3. Red raspberry  leaf

  4. Red clover

  5. White willow bark- complete

  6. Lemon balm

  7. Echinacea/goldenseal

  8. Milk  thistle

  9. Tooth Gels   due Monday 10.25.21 SOLD OUT!

Fresh batch of tinctures and tooth gels pressed and infused 10.01.21

10.01.21 New batch of diabetic safe tooth gels infused and ready for sale.