The Power and effectiveness of Milk Thistle

The Power and Effectiveness of Milk Thistle   Herb Name & Latin Name:   Milk Thistle/Silybum marianum has other regular names incorporate cardus marianus, drain thistle,blessed milkthistle, Marian thorn, Mary thorn, Saint Mary’s thorn, Mediterranean drain thorn, variegated thorn and Scotch thorn. Parts of the plant used: Milk thistle gets its name from the milky sap that comes out of […]

The Power and effectiveness of Hawthorne berry

The Power and effectiveness of  “HAWTHORNE Berry” This bright red crab apple type of herb is used as a powerful heart tonic.  aiding in both vascular and arterial walls , thus cleansing and strengthening the circulatory system. this herb increases blood flow naturally and safely while minting a health blood flow constantly. Now that sufficient blood flow is maintained throughout […]

The Power of Medicinal Herbs Series “Licorice Root”

The Power of Medicinal Herbs Series “Licorice Root” Licorice Root Licorice root can be found in varied forms, such as liquid extract, capsules of dried herb, candies and herbal teas. This specific herb has been in use for thousands of years for curing different types of disorders. The herb might have some herbal medicine properties, but scientific studies only support […]

The Power of Herbs Series “White Willow Bark”

The power of Medicinal Herbs Series “White Willow Bark”     White Willow Bark has been used for over 2,500 years and people back then would chew on the bark for migraine headaches. So next time you go to grab the aspirin grab White willow bark instead. When it come to Pain management, White Willow bark is a very effective means […]

Herbal Syllabus Series “Burdock Root”

  Herbal Syllabus Series “Burdock Root”       Herb Name : Burdock Root Latin Name: Arctium Lappa Burdock root originates from burdock, a class of weeds that are identified with sunflowers and part of the daisy family. It is accessible as a tea in different tinctures, with producers promising an extensive variety of advantages. Various examinations have recorded its capability […]

Clarks Rule for Pediatric Dosing

Clarks & Youngs Rule for Pediatric Dosing   Calculate Child dose using Clark’s Rule – Tutorial with Definition, Formula Example Definition:   Clark’s Rule is used to evaluate the proper dosage of medicine for children aged 2-17 and this procedure is to choose the weight of the child in pounds and divide the weight by 150 lb, and then multiply […]

Herbal Syllabus Echinacea

Echinacea “Echinacea Angustifolia”   Introduction: People are on the lookout for herbal medicine as they are natural and do not have any side effects. Holistic medicine promotes overall health. There is now more inclination toward herbal survival. One such herb is Echinacea, the Latin name being Echinacea angustifolia. There are various species of this herb and most of them are […]

Making Herbal Tinctures

“Herbal Tinctures” Herbal tincture can be used to preserve herbs for medicinal use. Herbal tinctures are generally comprised of alcohol and the herb to be preserved. Vinegar and glycerin are also used to preserve herbs and sometimes these solutions are also called tinctures, however vinegar and glycerin are not generally considered as effective as alcohol in preservation. Herbal tinctures made […]

The Power of Bee Pollen

The Power of Bee pollen: Bee pollen is a powerhouse of a nutrimental supplement it enhances and strengthens the immune system. Bee pollen is the ONLY true way to get a full spectrum of “B” vitamins without synthisization. They are also loaded with not only vitamins but minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones and trace elements. A few Uses for Bee […]