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Health Benefits of Haritaki

Haritaki is an ayurvedic fruit with miraculous wonderful health benefits. It is cultivated from the seeds of the tree called Terminalia chebula and is commonly referred to as Indian walnut. In English, it is called Indian Hog Plum. This is used often with another herbal fruit called Triphala, which is known for its amazing detoxification and rejuvenating properties.

The trees of Haritaki are deciduous in form and grow mostly in the subtropical and tropical areas of India, as well as in various other neighboring countries – such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China and Nepal.

Part(s) of Plant Used

Haritaki can be found in different forms. Whether it is vati, churna or avaleha, this herb can be consumed in the form of a tea or decoction or by infusing it in warm milk or warm water. Its powder can be consumed in specific ways in specific seasons:

  • It can be consumed with honey in the spring season.
  • You can take it along with jaggery during the summer months.
  • It can be consumed with Rock salt in the monsoon season.
  • You can adjust it with mishri or desi kand during autumn.
  • During the early winters, you should try to have it along with Ginger. In the late winter season, it is best to have it along with gaja pippali (long pepper).

Why Take This Herb?

This herb is regarded as rejuvenating in nature and is proven to be a one-shot cure for various types of health problems. It is used extensively for various traditional remedies.

Its use is strongly recommended in the holistic science of Ayurveda. Haritaki is famous for its powerful antioxidant, antibilious, purgative, astringent and laxative properties which make it useful for the treatment of many health problems.

Based on the shape and habitat Haritaki is available in 7 different types in India:

  • Chetaki  Haritaki
  • Vijaya Haritaki
  • Rohini Haritaki
  • Putna Haritaki
  • Amrita Haritaki
  • Abhaya Haritaki
  • Jayanti Haritaki

Five types of tastes are characterized by this herb primarily – sour, sweet, astringent, bitter and pungent.

10 Health Benefits of Haritaki

It is known for a wide variety of benefits for health:

1. Helps prevent diabetes

It has powerful hypoglycemic properties which play a big role in reducing the levels of blood sugar in the body. When you take this amazing herb regularly, there is more activity of the β-pancreatic cells in your body and higher level of insulin production as a consequence.

With the regular intake of haritaki powder, there can be relief from various kinds of diabetic symptoms such as weight loss excessive thirst frequent urination etc.

2. Boosts Cognitive Functioning

It is known to be useful for improving brain health and has been used as a traditional remedy for the same. It contains robust flavonoids and antioxidants which can boost the alertness, calmness, concentration, focus and memory capacity of a person.

It serves as a brain stimulator and brain tonic and can be taken in different forms to delay the progression of Dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

3. Improves sexual stamina and health

It can be very useful in promoting sexual health of men as well as women. It has excellent Rasayana properties – which can ensure high virility all through life. This is a natural aphrodisiac and can help reduce anxiety and mental stress as well as boost libido.

4. Improves digestion

It can give a boost to intestinal health and help treat various kinds of gastrointestinal conditions such as stomach pain, flatulence, constipation, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer, diarrhea, heartburn and esophagitis.

5. Helps lose weight

Haritaki has an important role to play in the combustion of excess amount of body fat. It eliminates the AMA toxins from the body and reduces abrupt hunger pangs. The craving for unhealthy foods is done away with. It can reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body, thus giving a boost to metabolism and aiding in faster weight loss.

6. Heals infections and wounds

The strong antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties of this herb make it useful for the elimination of germs and bacteria from the body. It can improve the pace of healing and treat wounds. It is rich in bioactive compounds, which have been used for centuries for the treatment of skin fungus, ulcers, sores and other skin problems.

7. Improves eye health

It can provide you with only from various kinds of eye problems such as conjunctivitis, inflamed eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes etc. You can prepare a solution of Haritaki by boiling its dried fruit in water and using the cooled solution as a closure or as eyewash.

8. Improves skin health

It can provide you with relief from various kinds of skin problems – due to the abundance of many powerful nutrients and antioxidants, such as copper, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.

9. Solves many hair problems

It is regarded as very useful for improving hair health. The herb can be assistive for the treatment of hair fall, itching, dandruff and other scalp infections. It can promote the growth of hair eliminate and impurities and clean up hair follicles, as well as make hair stronger from the roots. Regular use of this herb on hair can make it stronger from within and prevent premature hair fall and other problems.

10. Cures various respiratory problems

It has also been found to be useful for alleviating many respiratory symptoms. Haritaki has excellent anti-asthmatic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and can be useful in the treatment of different types of respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, flu, cough common cold etc.


As can be understood, there are lots of reasons why this herb has been used for centuries for curing a wide variety of health problems in many different countries across the globe. It is highly recommended in the ancient Indian medical treatise, known as the Ayurveda. It is important that you take it in a specific dosage, as recommended during a consultation with your physician.

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