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Health Benefits of Jamun

A succulent, refreshing and highly nutritious fruit, Jamun is known for its many health benefits. It is referred to commonly as Indian BlackBerry or Java plum in English. Syzygium cumini is its botanical name.

It is found as a tall tree with thick trunk in the subcontinent of India. It can also be found widely in various other Asian nations. The juicy fruit of Jamun has a significant role to play in holistic treatments of Chinese Unani and ayurvedic medicines. It is found to attenuate Pitta and Kapha. In the Indian epic of Ramayana it has been mentioned that Lord Rama survived upon the consumption of this fruit during the 14 years of his exile in forest.

Part(s) of Plant that is Used

It has a succulent and highly nutritious fruit, which can be consumed in different ways. It is possible to have this fruit in a raw form or consume it as a juice. It can also be used in different types of jams, smoothies and salads.

You can consume the seed of jamun in the form of churna or powder. The benefits of Jamun fruits leaves bark and tree are also being infused these days into various health supplements, which can be availed in the form of capsules and tablets.

Why Take this herb?

A powerhouse of an herb, it is loaded with different types of nutritional components having mini health benefits.

It has a wide range of vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, carbohydrates, protein, glucose, potassium, magnesium, fibre, iron, calcium and other important nutrients. The electrolyte content in the body is primarily balanced by the potassium and sodium. For healthy teeth and bones, magnesium and calcium are essential.

10 health benefits of Jamun

It is useful for health in many ways:

1. Management of diabetes

According to Ayurveda, Jamun has excellent properties that make it useful for fighting against diabetes. Jambosine and jamboline are the two active ingredients in the seeds of Jamun fruit which slow down the rate at which sugar is released into bloodstream. These can also boost insulin levels in the human body.

Jamun is very useful for converting starch into energy and can reduce thrusting, frequent urination and other symptoms of diabetes.

2. Improves cardiac health

Jamun is a very rich source of potassium. This mineral is extremely useful in keeping away heart conditions. When Jamun is consumed regularly, it can prevent the hardening of arteries which results in a condition known as atherosclerosis.

It can reduce different symptoms of high blood pressure. Thus, Jamun can be useful for regulating hypertension problems and can prevent cardiac arrest and strokes. A single serving of hundred gram of Jamun has 79 mg of potassium. Due to this reason, this succulent fruit is perfect for the daily diet of hypertension patients.

3. Useful for weight reduction

It is packed with fibers and happens to be low in terms of calories. This makes it a perfect addition into recipes and diets for weight conscious people.

The pharmacological properties of Jamun help reduce water retention in the body. It can improve digestion, make you feel fuller, satisfy your hunger and give a boost to your metabolism.

4. Improves oral hygiene

Powdered and dried leaves of Jamun are known for their powerful antibacterial properties. It is used as a tooth powder to make gums and teeth stronger. The robust astringent properties of Jamun leaves and fruits make it very useful for treating throat problems and for taking care of bad breath issues.

The decoction of Jamun bark may be used for regular gargling, in the form of mouthwash, to prevent gingivitis and mouth ulceration problems.

5. Makes skin look radiant

Regular intake of Jamun juice can provide you with a glowing and healthy skin. It can remove toxins from the blood and make your skin glow from within. It has a very high amount of Vitamin C, which can make your skin radiant and free of blemishes.

6. Protects against infections

Jamun is popular for its biochemical compounds which are very beneficial for health. This makes it capable of fighting germs and protecting the body from different types of infections. It has robust antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Due to this reason, the formulations and extracts of Jamun are used for elimination of germs or bacteria from the human body. It is also used for healing and treatment of wounds.

The bioactive ingredients present in Jamun help reduce fatigue, weakness and general debility in the body. It can give a boost to your vitality.

7. Helps improve digestion

Jamun has fantastic digestive and carminative properties which make it perfect for curing all types of digestive problems. It is anti-flatulent in form and can reduce gas formation in the alimentary canal. Thus, it can reduce the problems of abdominal distension, bloating, constipation and flatulence.

Jamun extract has antacid properties, which can help prevent excessive acid formation in the stomach and fight the problems of gastritis, ulcer and indigestion. It can promote better nutrient absorption in the body.

8. Can help cure anaemia

The powerful detoxification properties of Jamun extract make it extremely useful for blood purification purposes. It can help in blood cleansing, improving circulation of blood and the removal of stress hormone and toxins from the bloodstream.

There is also plenty of iron in Jamun, which make it perfect for providing the body with relief from fatigue, weakness and anaemia.

9. Combats respiratory problems

It is regarded as a popular traditional cure for any type of respiratory problem. It has powerful anti-asthmatic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The extract of this fruit has long been used for the treatment of flu, cough and common cold symptoms. The consumption of Jamun can make the catarrh particles in nasal cavities and chest get thinned and loosened. Thus, it can help improve breathing by removing excessive mucus from the body. It can be also useful for the treatment of asthmatic problems and bronchitis.

10. Improves libido

Jamun has been used traditionally for improving fertility and libido in men. Its strong aphrodisiac properties make it useful for reducing anxiety and stress as well as boost testosterone production in the male body.

It can increase stamina and virility in men, as well as improve the production of hormones in men – known as luteinizing hormone and testosterone. Thus, it proves to be useful in promoting sperm quality and motility in men.


As you can find out, Jamun is very useful and this energy-giving fruit should be consumed regularly for its many benefits for health. Try to have one regularly and you can feel a lot of positive changes in your mind and body.