Medicinal Herbs Series



Parts used:

flowers, stems roots

Suplemental forms:

Teas, Concoction, Ticture, Extract, Exlire, Syrup,One of the most popular herbs in the U.S.A. and second to Garlic. I is also the herbal equivalent to vitamin C.There are nine different species of the purple coneflower called Echinacea grown perennially throughout midwestern North America as far north as Saskatchewan and as far south as Texas. However all variants possess the phytochemicals that improve the immune system.

Because Echinacea also possess antibacterial properties it can be used to aid in helping acne and other bacteria related illness’ both internally and externally. This herb is also used widely with Goldenseal to add a antiseptic kick to its already potent properties.

Echinacea can also be used with diluted essential oil of oregano and clary sage to aid  both bacterial and viral infections

The immune system play a vital roll in supplementing all the main systems with all the nutrition needed to remain healthy and live life optimally. While aiding in controlling adrenalin and maintaining a healthy glucose level flow, this system also effects the Central Nervous System. An unhealthy(weak) immune system can cause seizures, hypoglycemic effects, the inability to fight off bacterial and viral infections. And because it effects the central nervous system to that magnitude it can also cause chemical imbalances. Thus causing mood swings, irregular monthly cycles in women.

To help aid in maintaining a healthy immune system Vitamins, Mineral, and amino acids (natural forms) should be supplemented.  For example, Vitamin C is a powerful aid because the natural molecular composition of the vitamin itself acts as a natural nutrient thus strengthening it. Whereas Supplementing it with B Complex(natural form, “BEE POLLEN”) this will not only create a overall healthy immune system but will enhance is through its ability to surpass the molecular composition of enzymes with a more purer and valid and safe way to not only boost it during harsher conditions ( stress factors etc.)

Nutritional Supplementations:

Echinacea will to aid in optimal results from your immune system because now even though food is digested and processed those process’ in their entireties” ask the immune system for help by calling on needed antibodies to aid in the defeat in bacteria(s).

Juicing is a very powerful and good example and a powerful recipe would be an apple, carrot, celery, dandelion and ginger juice. This juice alone will aid the immune stem as well as all the other main systems and organs with vital nutrients overall. Such as fiber pectin, sodium, vitamins Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant. …

    • B vitamins. Apples are rich source of vitamin B. It contains most of water soluble forms of vitamin B (vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B9). …
    • Vitamin C. …
    • Vitamin E. …
    • Vitamin K. …
    • Fiber.

Celery adds potassium folate, Magnesium, pantothenic acid, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids). And more.

Now aiding the immune system “NATURALLY is the best and healthiest way because there are NO synthetics or fillers to cause added burdens to the immune system these burdens are primarily noted as Toxins and Neurotoxins . The enemy of “ALL” the main systems.

A few good herbs to achieve this are:


Rose hips



All berberine herbs



Slippery Elm Bark

Oregon Grape


Burdock Root

Milk Thistle

Oat Straw





Licorice Root

Domestic Ginseng




Nutritional supplementation’s:

Bee Pollen

Raw Wildflower Honey

Bee Propolis

Royal Jelly

Coconut water

Aloe juice

Wheat Grass

A few Good Fruits and vegetables”

Red Grapes








Sweet Potatoes


Grapefruit ( cut in half and glazed with raw wildflower honey)

Prickly pears

Wild cherries


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